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Keep of Kalessin - Skygger av Sorg demo 1997

Keep Of Kalessin - Skygger av Sorg demo I 1997
1) Skygger av Sorg I
2) Ruiner av en Krig
3) Skygger av Sorg II


Moving once again to Norway, still more from Henu's pile of contributions this is the first and only demo by the Norwegians Keep Of Kalessin, released by the Greek Demonion Productions, run by Alex from Macabre Omen. Thanks for the rip and scans! Nowadays KoK is quite different from what they used to be in the early days, which naturally applies to a host of their countrymates as well. At the beginning they played melodic, atmospheric even, sort of ...well, Norwegian, black metal highly influenced by fantasy themes, especially Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea-series from where the name is derived. But you could have looked that up yourselves.

All three tracks were renamed, altered and re-recorded for their debut album "Through Times of War" and this demo has been quite readily available in the inter nets anyways so I'm not going to write a novel here, not even a novella, pamphlet or any other form of short story. Let's just say that this kind of fits with the "theme" of sorts with the fantasy-oriented black/dark metal and synth music that has been present on the blog with the Elven Witchcraft releases/distributed material. It's quite enjoyable actually, in certain easy listening sort of way.

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