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Antichrist / Mjölnir - Split demo 1997

Antichrist / Mjölnir - Split demo 1997
1) Heimdallr
2) I Am the Diabolical Eclipse
3) Black War
4) Totentanz / Naglfar
5) Legion of Fucking Skeletons
6) In the Forest of Evil
7) Hades erwacht
8) In Ancient Hate (live)
9) Ring aus Stein
10) Altes Götterreich
11) Trollherz (live)
12) Das Sonnenrad
13) Der Übermensch
14) The Hour of... (1. demo)

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It's Mother's Day, bitc... people, and to commemorate that I decided it prudent to post some more raw German black metal as mothers generally are women and we have already established earlier they like that. So there. It's Mjölnir again, this time teamed up with fellow Germans Antichrist. I've ripped my dub of the demo and scanned the covers I got with it, result should be decent enough soundwise.

As usual, this was another pain to figure out, not because of Mjölnir's contribution, for change, but Antichrist was tricky after the first few tracks. In the end I decided Totentanz / Naglfar being welded together and went with that. The division might still be incorrect. Antichrist is pretty chaotic stuff at times and somewhat over the place if not all and demo-Mjölnir is as expected. Unless you haven't heard it before, obviously. A track from the first demo reappears and both feature a live track too which makes me wonder if anyone happens to be sitting on some live recordings of Mjölnir and why not Antichrist too. I'm in a bit of hurry so I'll check out with this now, grab it if you were into the previous Mjölnir posts and/or vintage German bm!

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