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NYX - Repressions demo 1996

 NYX (fin) - Repressions demo 1996
1) Come on and Do It
2) Carnival
3) They Take My Town
4) NYX
5) Headwind
6) Sounds of Eternity
7) Virtual
8) I Will Control You
9) Untitled

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And now something different again, but at least moving in somewhat alphabetical order and that is good is it not? This is the '96 demo by Finnish NYX, most likely known to the readers of this blog from these old compilations and probably nowhere else. I got this dubbed from a trader comrade back in late '96 I think and don't really know that much about the band to say much further except that they seem to have been active a few years ago releasing an album in '09 and a compilation of tracks in '10. Sadly no covers and none seem to be found presently online either. I'm not really sure if any were made to start with.

I should probably mention that this is already a very old rip, it took me ages to get back to it as I wasn't sure about the tracklisting, spelling of the band name and other such trivia. I eventually decided to ignore the minutiae until corrected and just post it. Then I forgot it lying around the old files. Good job! The issue with the tracklisting was that it seemed to have an additional track which I've then labeled as just "untitled" and that's enough about that. If you've listened to the compilations referred to earlier (Carnival appeared on Freeze 2) you might remember this is sort of electro-industrial wave-ish stuff, with trip-hop and other random-word-combinations-I-might-decide-to-drop bits in it. I don't clearly know what I am talking about. But if you enjoyed the compilations referred to and what little you heard of NYX on them this might be right up your alley. I think I need to assume a horizontal position on the couch after tonight's alcoholomantic experiments.

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