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Varjosielu - Loitsulaulu demo 2001

Varjosielu - Loitsulaulu demo 2001
1) Sieluton - Preludi
2) Myrskyntuoja
3) Mustan lähteen haltija


It's time to stray from the Austrian streak and as well from the metal fare of late. So, here we have Varjosielu, formerly known as Wind, again. This is the first recording after the name change which we discussed at the comments section and yes, this is the scene rip sent by brother Grev and it indeed had the track division botched. I've fixed it. Still, thanks to whoever ripped the tape originally, he did otherwise a decent job.

This demo lasts a bit less than twenty minutes and the longest, ten minute plus "Myrskyntuoja" was re-released on the "Kalpea" demo which we featured earlier so less than half of the duration is new stuff. First track serves as an intro due its comparatively short running time, then the afore-mentioned long and bizarre familiar song (which fits better here than on Kalpea) and lastly "Mustan lähteen haltija" that has a very folky feeling and is quite catchy. I don't really have much new input to give, if you've enjoyed the Wind and Varjosielu offerings so far, chances are you'll like this too. Personally I like the last track best here. That's enough for now.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

This is much, much better than Kalpea, in my opinion.

That track 3, though. Looks like they did something with it later:

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the link, I haven't really explored Hin Onde beyond the demos so I've missed the recycling. It's obviously based on the track here.

Baphomet kirjoitti...

Its broken....

can u re up plz??


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah sure, done now!