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Behexen - Support the War Against Christianity promo '99

Behexen - Support the War Against Christianity promo 1999
1) Intro
2) Sota valon jumalaa vastaan
3) Black Storm of Satans Glory
4) Baphomet's Call
5) Christ Forever Die

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I just realised I don't have much time to post stuff this week so better get off my ass and leave something interesting here. Back to Finnish black metal, this is Behexen and most readers probably know them. You might even remember my old, old post of their "first" demo, released under the name Lords of the Left Hand. They made two demos more after changing the name and before this promo tape which features an intro and four tracks of which three would be re-recorded for the debut album and one apparently remained unused. I got a dub of this recording from a trader not that long ago, as well as copy of the cover which interestingly enough had no tracklisting! Fortunately he got it from the band so we have titles here. Thanks!

So most of the content is familiar except the (short, I originally had it and "Sota..." together but if it's separately mentioned on the tracklisting I separate it) intro and the third track "Black Storm..." which caused me no small amount of headache trying to identify until I got the correct tracklisting. I'm pretty sure they didn't re-use the song later, but could of course be wrong too. Sound is, naturally, rawer and less polished than on the album (not that that would've been a sophisticated, sparkly and squicky-clean thing either!) but very listenable and good at least in my opinion. The vocals are rather dominant and guitars most of the time somewhat subdued. But enough said really, you're going to download this no matter what I write if you're a fan of Behexen, Finnish black metal or dig rare old recordings.

Oh yeah and you have to be really stupid to buy the suddenly, miraculously appearing copies that will no doubt be for sale at Discogs and Ebay very soon.

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