torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

Ancient Warrior - From the Ancient Tradition reh '98

Ancient Warrior - From the Ancient Tradition rehearsal 1998
1) Immortal Souls
2) Thy Grief of Darkness
3) By the Name of Ancient Tradition
4) Primordial Dark Metal

RGhost / Zippyshare

It's time I shake off the post-Nummirock depression and get back to this blog. Today we have an exotic item on the menu, sent by comrade Morbid Chanter along with a few other things not too long ago. Thanks! The item is Ancient Warrior, hailing from Malaysia and a rehearsal tape from 1998. Seems pretty rare. I'm not sure if this was his rip or not but there's a cover scan included and it's one of the most charming covers I've seen for a bit, love how it's (or seems to be) completely handmade; drawn and written, with good penmanship too. You just don't see stuff like this anymore. Oh and there's music too, almost 20 minutes.

Yeah, music. Not as striking as the cover, but still charming - sort of boneheaded, almost crude old school black metal pounding with melodic parts and heavy metal touches. Being a rehearsal tape, the sound volume is already somewhat uneven and noisy which isn't necessarily a bad thing and actually works decently enough with their enthusiastic performance. It at times pans quite heavily on one side which is a bother while listening on headphones but tolerable enough. Plenty of hiss which I suppose isn't surprising to anyone. Unfortunately either the dub itself or the rip is further flawed with brief yet annoying and jarring staccato noise (cellphone distrubance I suppose), thankfully present only on the last song. Which also features an absolutely awesome chaotic ending to it! Pros outweigh the cons so I suggest you give it a try at least. Personally I'd like to hear more from them if they ever recorded another tape.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Enthusiastic indeed. When track 1 started I thought maybe somebody slipped in a Throbbing Gristle outtake. But it went banshee BM soon enough. Nice of Peter Brotzmann to lend a hand with his wailing, overblown taragato, too. Or maybe that's an amphetamine-fueled snake charmer just in from Delhi? Whatever, it's such a loony racket that the whack audio quality almost qualifies as a production value. Curious. But it's evident they had a hell of a lot of fun making it.

And yes, the cover art is a precious DIY artifact in itself. Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Nice to read someone else also appreciates this precious curio! And yeah, I agree it sounds like they had a blast. Remember to vote on the latest post, though it looks like Sacrilegeous will win.