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Occult - Rehearsal 19.06.92

Occult - Rehearsal 19th June 1992
1) Jaws of Satan
2) The Return of the Mystic Demon
3) So It Is Done
4) Dwell Forever in Darkness
5) Myth of Eternal Lies
6) Thou Art Lord

Yandex / Sendspace

Time to complete another cycle, I've posted the two live/demo tapes by the Dutch Occult in roughly half a year intervals and since I'll be in Nummirock the next weekend which would be optimal time to post this (23rd anniversary of the recording, y'know) I thought today is as good an option as any. Not a live tape anymore though, this is a rehearsal tape brother Grev dubbed me last autumn. Thanks as always! No cover for this one and I don't think any were made either.

Right, back in '92 Occult was still firmly black metal and looking at the tracklisting you see the same songs that appeared on the live tapes, including the Sathanas (track 1) and Acheron covers (3, 6) they liked to play. Their original songs are quite short, as are the cover picks so the whole thing is over in sixteen minutes. The fifth songs seems to appear only here, unless they re-worked and -titled it later. A proper scholar would carefully compare it with the other exclusive old songs to see if it was the case but alas, I am too lazy busy to do that now. The sound is pretty good though obviously recorded live in a rehearsal room. Well, I guess I don't have much else to add, if you're a fan of old Occult you'll want this.

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