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Altar of Perversion - The Abyss' Gate Re-opens demo 1998

Altar of Perversion - The Abyss' Gate Re-opens demo 1998
1) At the End of Their Slumber
2) Recalling Old Nights...
3) Land of Ancient Evil
4) Black Magickal Suicide

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I have been frustratingly short on time recently. In that light it is strangely appropriate to post a contribution comrade unholydeath sent already last year, this is Altar of Perversion from Italy and they're a quite well known name in certain circles. If you're not in those circles, no, they do not play any sort of goatwarrape metal, cyber sado-grind or anything such the name might bring to your mind. Those in the knowing will associate the band to raw black metal and Order of the Nine Angles. And almost certainly already have the demo. To be honest, most people likely to appreciate it probably possess a copy or rip but since ud shared his good quality rip (and cover scan) I decided to feature it. So, thanks to him.

This is the first AoP release and with four songs for a bit less than twenty minutes looks pretty standard. However, they do sound untypical both to the era it was released and to a lesser degree present as well. Acoustic guitar opens the first track and features quite prominently in it despite the general pace being brisk and rather violent. It is not a gimmick throughout the whole demo though, so if you expect that you're going to be dissappointed. Considering the militant paces, dissonance and raw, hostile atmosphere perhaps it isn't really that inaccurate if one thought about bestial war black metal upon hearing or reading their name. Recommended for people into vicious black metal or Italian bands.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Great demo, great band. Of all the bands that I had contact with from my 'zine days, Altar of Perversion are the only one that I've retained. Did some work with them for their 10" EP, and will hopefully have some stuff on their new album too. One day (hopefully in the not too distant future, but time will tell), our much discussed split 12" should even be released!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I thought you'd stop by to comment on this. Yes, that split has been in the process for a while now, recall reading about it in Northwind's 'zine too the other year. Not the latest issue, of course, was probably the one before that... or was it the one before that? Don't have them at hand right now but I suppose you know the interview.

As another thing, did you finish the Lord Kaos demo? ;)

Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Well... That would be the one BEFORE (I think issue II? I don't recall myself right now) but in the works since around 2003... Quite a while, but surely there have been splits longer in the making (though none that I'm aware of). Should be out next year. Maybe. Depends on when AoP's "Intra Naos" is finally released.

You're in luck with the Lord Kaos demo though. I just need to check the rip before I finally get it through to you. Will work on it tonight.