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Capri Sancti - The Witches' Sabbath Land demo 1995

Capri Sancti - The Witches' Sabbath Land demo rehearsal IV 1995
1) Welcome to My World
2) Forgotten Song to the Fullmoon
3) Dociledo Vampire
4) Aiwlys Chim (In the Name of Witch)
5) The Black Barrel Organ
6) In the Sign of the Funeral Flower
7) Diabolic Moonlight
8) Call from the Bare Mountain

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It has been a while but again the signs are favourable for the Coven's return. Without further ado we start with a contribution sent by comrade LKS and while both Capri Sancti (later Vim Patior) and this demo "The Witches' Sabbath Land" might be familiar names to the people interested in Polish scene I decided to seize the opportunity to get a better, full rip of this demo as the ones I've encountered so far have been lacking in various equally dissappointing ways. Including the old dub I had which apparently was missing no less than two of the admittedly short songs at the end. LKS included a very decent cover scan too which was especially welcome. Not perfect but few things are, thank you again for your offering!

I had actually all but forgotten about Capri Sancti but they popped up in a discourse I had with sister Borderline some many months ago and I resolved to gather as much of their more obscure old recordings as possible, while also getting proper versions of the better known demos (this and "Under a Dying Sun..."). So far this project has had very little success but perhaps the old tapes will eventually be excavated from one tomb or another.

That's all very fascinating but what is this like? Well, dark ambient dungeon synth parts mix merrily with raw and crispy lofi melodic black metal served with noteworthy amounts of cheese and really generous helpings of keyboards. I'd say roughly 1/4 metal and 3/4 synths. So if you're not a fan of cheap 90's keysounds you might prefer to avoid this and pick up instead... Hödur maybe? Then again if you're at all into this sort of stuff you'll probably love this. I find it absolutely delightful though some parts overstay their welcome a bit and eventually some of the initial charm wears off or it might be just me today. Anyways, recommended to certain scholars among the flock and I'd really like the three tapes recorded prior to this!

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GREV kirjoitti...

Welcome back Brother of Metal. I'm glad that you're back \m/

Borderline kirjoitti...

Thank you so much Velkaarn. I wasn't hoping for this. I see that the incomplete version I sent you was played at different speed and sounded a lot more noisy and of course had messed up titles (and almost everything else). Some keyboard sounds actually sounded a bit more morbid in the bad slower rip. But this rip you and your contributor provided is so much better, I have no idea how to tank you so I'll use words.. Good luck in finding the other demos and million thanks for this, even tho I rarely listen to BM lately, I still enjoy synth a lot.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thank you, it's good to be back! Booked a hotel room for Steelfest 2016 today, by the way!

GREV kirjoitti...


Great! I want to go, but I don't know the future... you know it that you must use your legs walking, crawling, etc. and my legs isn't so well... so I'll check it out later

Rhûn kirjoitti...

First heard of Capri Sancti via Xexanoth's upload of the "Under a Dying Sun..." demo, and have been curious about their work since then. Thanks to you and LKS for this. Having listened to it, the cheesiness of the keyboards are much to my liking. A song like "Black Barrel Organ" with any synths of higher quality wouldn't be the same.

So this is the only artifact you've acquired thus far in your search for Capri Sancti material?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and yeah, sometimes a rip with wrong speed has actually bits that sound better than the intended speed! I'm still not 100% what is the correct speed for the Hödur demo but I really prefer the slightly faster and rougher version I first posted.


Can't afford to buy the ticket in advance, which is a shame as they are cheaper now than later, same for Nummirock which I'll attend anyways as I simply have no better plans for Juhannus. The long days of mostly standing and walking around in festivals like Steelfest can be taxing even to moderately healthy folks. :(


Yes, I've only this in a few versions and two versions of "Under a Dying Sun..." one of which must be Xexanoth's. And calling it a search gives me too much credit, more I like I wait until I stumble into them!