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Einherjum #1

Einherjum, issue 1 (1995)
In the Woods...
Sverd Storm / Skogsposten
Ornament 'zine
Nattvindens Gråt
Black Funeral
Obtained Enslavement
Theatre of Tragedy
The Helheim Society
Dies Irae
+ a bunch of articles, scribbles and reviews and yet another Irish scene report


Let's do a 'zine post today. Not too long ago comrade Kurgan sent me the first and only issue of the (in-)famous Norwegian 'zine Einherjum made in 1995 by Aasmund & Oðinn and I scanned it, like I tend to do. And yeah, the 'zine has been mentioned in the blog a few times before and you might've gathered I'm not too fond of it. I actually traded away my own copy back in '96 as I was quite dissappointed with how it turned out to be. Has time healed wounds and put enough water under the bridge to give me a different impression of the magazine? Not really, I still feel pretty salty whenever I leaf through this. Don't get me wrong, there are some interesting interviews too (like Esoteric, The Helheim Society, Black Funeral), though as you see it is a pretty standard list of names for a 'zine of the era, even including the omni-present Mortiis and yet another goddamn Irish scene report! I swear every third 'zine I read seemed to have one of those things, each more half-assed than the previous one!!! Ok, but more than those I was and am bothered by the editors' (well, it's mostly Oðinn really) attempts at humour and being witty. The interviews vary wildly in length, depth and quality and the "articles" tend to be either rants, stupid, or like written doodles. Well, variety is the spice of life? At least they put their personalities on display so it's very bold. Reviews are generally poor, with some exceptions giving a bit better impression of their object. I'm actually getting annoyed writing about this so have a read for yourself, I'm going out for some fresh air.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I'm laughing. The first page/paragraph in the editorial:

"... there is obviously a need for someone to heighten the level of 'zines and attitudes in the underground."

He sure did a good job with that here.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yup, it's like the retard "love" child of Pyton/Finnish version Myrkky and 90's Isten much of the time, which creates an even more jarring contrast to the other editor Aasmund's more serious outlook. No wonder they eventually parted ways.

unholydeath kirjoitti...

Very bummed that he left out some comments from Satyr because they were too extreme! Wimps existed even back then.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, the Norsk Arisk Black Metal-debacle was quite fresh in people's minds around when they made them so I suppose they were worried. Don't know where they thought they'd be selling this, though, or was it really that hard with getting stuff printed. But yeah, pretty wimpy!

seb czernik kirjoitti...

Hail! polish zines archive -, enjoy!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thank you for the link, will certainly have a look!