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OfDoom - 03.08.09 demo 2009

OfDoom - 03.08.09 rehearsal demo II 2009
1) Christ's Death (Sarcófago cover)
2) Mayhemic Damnation
3) Black Mark of Doom
4) Demonic Baptism
5) Seventh Desecration
6) War Command (Blasphemy cover)

RGhost / Mega

Today I again felt like making an exception and post an item practically from the future, all the way from 2009 yet at the same time it could as well be recorded in '91 the way it sounds. Yes, it is the lads probably best known from the Beherit-worship of Black Feast (a compilation LP of demo stuff was just recently released by NWN!) nowadays operating under the name of Witchcraft and performing more metal of death oriented material. This is their first incarnation, OfDoom which should be considered a different band from Black Feast and the second demo recording. Brother raf who is either on a lengthy hiatus or in retirement released the first and third tapes on his Modern Sounds of Death blog. Ripped from a tape I got from a trader with very good copies of the covers.

OfDoom plays black/death metal in old school, primitive style. Just thought to mention that if you could not guess from the song titles, connections and the two cover songs displayed on the tracklisting. All songs are on the more compact side of things so the six songs are over in under fifteen minutes. This particular tape sounds very much like demo-era Beherit, not very surprising I suppose, as well as their ancient influences. Rehearsal sound is a bit chaotic in an appropriate way. Entertaining material if you're into old school bestial blackened metal of death, or in their own words: sepulchral Satanic death metal. That is all.

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unholydeath kirjoitti...

Used to have this tape as original. Followed the band to the point that they changed the name from Black Feast to Blasphemous Witchcraft and to Witchcraft. Then I felt fed up with these kids. Also the guys suddenly turned from nice, friendly guys to arrogant at some point. Now that NWN did the compilation LP, I'm amused about the thought that how many times they will change the band name before they actually get into the stage of getting a full-lenght album out.

The "letters only" policy is also just a gimmick. In reality they all have email addresses.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, similar case, I followed their Black Feast-period quite closely ever since seeing them live at Black Curse over Helsinki II (was it there? I think it was) till the name- and to a degree style-changing (to more death metal again) shenanigans. Of course it is all quite gimmicky, faithful early 90's reproduction down to changing name to simple, overused one.

unholydeath kirjoitti...

Yes, I'm sure the Black Curse II was the first gig under the name Black Feast. After every name change they do say that it's a new band and not a continuation. I don't personally buy that at all.