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Tears of Misery - Demo '95

Tears of Misery - Demo '95
1) At Bath Woods
2) The Depths of Emptiness and Sorrow
3) Shadows of Reality
4) Before a Vision
5) Fallen from a Dream
6) A Grand Eclipse
7) Across the Black Horizon
8) The Twilight Zone

Mega / Sendspace

Another dive to the non-metal pool, this is actually one of my requests fulfilled, thanks to the sender! I got curious about this demo after reading the vaguely positive review on Petrified #4 and added it to my wantlist and to my surprise it was among the things my contributor ripped and sent me. Cover scans included too.

I said non-metal but that's not really accurate at all as this is sort of metal for well over half of the time, the review compared this to Abruptum but little more melody and metal parts to Hellhammer which is going too far in my humble opinion. The first track with metal, which also is the first proper track, "The Depths of Emptiness and Sorrow" does at times take me to Abruptum, sounding a bit like "De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet" in some points and a little like Windham Hell at others. But definitely not like Hellhammer, it doesn't have that sort of drive or groove, it's more in a meandering, haphazard semi-doomy vein. Most of the time thankfully instrumental but there are some vocals too which are mainly of the demented, warped bellows school but there's more like silly, bubbly screaming and other pleasantries. Last track features spoken female voice which apparently was enough to distract Thorns to ignore the male noises. Which reminds me, Petrified's reviews really sucked, didn't they? There are even male vocals on the same damn track! Sheesh!

Right, crude ambient metal with suitably crude yet clear sound. I really really disliked this on initial listens but strangely enough parts of it are starting to sound more interesting to me after a bit of time. It could be sleep deprivation too. And the kind of neat cover. As usual, for the adventurous souls.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Crude yet accomplished. Track 2 could easily be a movie soundtrack cut, underpinning the scene where our hero, the protagonist, drives through barren landscape under a bleak sky in pursuit of his prey, regretful of the illegality he just committed but knowing he had to do it in order to get closer to his target. His miasma compounded by his thoughts of the woman he left behind in Belgrade to pursue his final showdown...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment, seems it hit the spot at least here and there for you. Incidentally, the second track was one of the better bits for me. Did you try the Jarowit demo which is... different?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks for the reminder on Jarowit...will give it a go soon.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've a hunch you might find it interesting.

pagan kirjoitti...

Windham Hell... you got my attention :D

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Slightly more exotic name drops have that effect! But remember the chance of inaccuracy always here. ;)