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Graveland - Carpathian Wolves Rehearsal '94

Graveland - Carpathian Wolves rehearsal 1994
1) Barbarism Returns
2) In the Northern Carpathians
3) Impaler of Wallachia
4) Witches Holocaust
5) At the Pagan Samhain
6) Unpunished Herd

Mega / RGhost

Without further ado, here's more Graveland rehearsal material courtesy of Baldemar, thanks for the rips! This is the '1' in the 1½ posts promised, a 1994 rehearsal for the "Carpathian Wolves" album, with all the metal tracks in instrumental versions. Convenient for your karaoke evenings. Had no cover either so I made another placeholder while I was at it. Regrettably, I had to use the logo on the album cover for it. The previous one is just better but we must strive for accuracy.

Enough about that, to the music. This is essentially a condensed version of the album, ideal if you dislike things like vocals, keyboards and intros. Which seems quite silly to me but to each their own. Condensed actually isn't correct as the songs run their full durations (and over), let's just stick to instrumental. Very good, thick and powerful sound. Makes me think this is probably recorded in the studio. Dub quality is excellent as well so there is nothing to complain about. Recommended to all Graveland enthusiasts, old Polish black metal nuts, people who collect instrumental versions of recordings and karaoke hosts.

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Rhun kirjoitti...

I always enjoy instrumental black metal (that is not of the post-black and depressive style that dominates YouTube), and Graveland is a great artist, so a perfect fit. Thanks to you and Baldemar!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and I was surprised myself how much I personally enjoyed especially this one!

Greg Thrasher kirjoitti...

Hi, can you reupload Macabre Omen / Godblood - Split 7" EP 1997? It looks very interesting for me but link is dead now.
Great blog, I must read more and search cassette rips from bands I like/Im interested in. Keep going!
You can visit my blog about old Thrash Metal (mainly) [in polish] Macabre Omen / Godblood - Split 7" EP 1997
Thanks in advance for reup!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, I'll do it right away. It's a good split EP. Thanks for your comments!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Much thanks to Baldemar and Sir Velkaarn. This Carpathian Wolves rehearsal is the more listenable of the two, versus the Celtic Winter one, to my ear. Not just for the fuller sound, but the whole thing seems more fully realized (minus the elements mentioned in the writeup) than Celtic. I find it just fine as a listen as it is, whereas the missing elements are more noticeable by their absence in Celtic. That one feels more like sketches. But interesting nonetheless.

Though the House of Orange didn't win the poll, the Poland contingent represented proudly with the two Graveland rehearsals. Thanks everyone.

Black Metal kirjoitti...

I was wondering if you could upload 'Beorn - Awakening' in 320 kbps?
I would be very grateful. :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Like you, I prefer this out of the two rehearsals. Of course the other one has early, much simpler tracks too but nevertheless this is in a different league. Don't worry, I'll eventually get to the Nether domains too, just need a few extra stops on the way. Vox populi and all that.

@Black Metal:

Sorry, don't have that one. It was released just last year, bound to pop up soon somewhere.

Black Metal kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn: Ok, thanks for the reply. :)