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Graveland - Celtic Winter Rehearsal '93

Graveland - Celtic Winter rehearsal 1993
1) In the Glare of Burning Churches
2) Through the Occult Veil
3) For Pagan and Heretic Blood
4) Instrumental

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Poland won the poll, with a reasonable margin of 1½ votes which accounts for 1½ posts so here we have a sending by brother Baldemar, a rehearsal tape from the one and only Graveland dating to 1993 and titled for some reason "Celtic Winter rehearsal" even though the tracks are from the "In the Glare..." demo?! Well, I decided to roll with it whatever the case plus it made it easy for me to whip up a mock cover and a good excuse to include my absolutely favourite version of the logo as seen above. I've always liked that one best, a pity they(/he) didn't use it more. This counts as a ½ post as there's been a low bitrate rip circling around of the same recording.

First three songs are all very short, less than three minutes and last one, title of which being quite ironic as this is an instrumental rehearsal, runs for almost six minutes. Obviously these are stripped down rehearsal versions, devoid of keyboards, effects and other extras as well as vocals. Very good rehearsal sound, rough but clear and generally strong. Performance is guaranteed full-band Graveland material. Actually this is relevant to present times as master Darken has gathered a band to perform live for the first time at Hot Shower 5 in Italy, 2nd April which is very soon actually.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

> This counts as a ½ post as there's been a low bitrate rip circling around of the same recording.

actually, by the looks of it, both rips might be transcodes from those 128 bitrate rips. soundwise they are perfectly identical, and the spectrogram full of holes is more characteristic of 128.

also, the low bitrate rip of CW rehearsal has 2 additional alternate takes of Northern Carpathians and Samhain Night.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I haven't actually seen the 128 version of this (or the other one?) so can't compare. Hard to believe these would be exactly the same as they sound much better than the usual 128 fare. Then again, I can't compare and am by no means an expert. The two additional alternate takes sound interesting, thanks for the info!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

heh, kinda missed that CW stands for either :) implied the wolves reh, ofc

i uploaded both rehs at their 128:!xs0GBKgC!_QAfzSfIvIf1UJSadtt7MI4SnqlWq_NH-U-eF4308ok