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Swastika - Natur und Hass adv. 1998

Swastika - Natur und Hass advance tape 1998
1) Pflug (1996)
2) Eichenlaub (1998)

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German black metal today and a contribution by comrade LKS, thanks for the rip und scan! This is Swastika and their '98 promo/advance tape "Natur und Hass" - not to be mixed with the demo tape "Natur & Hass" which might've ended up being the debut CD the cover here advertises. Both of these songs appear there too. And I have a nagging suspicion this just might be nsbm but it's reeeeally hard to say without seeing the lyrics and there are no controversial symbols, statements or whathaveyou on the covers. Well, except advertising the CD that was never released but that's not what we're after.

Two songs of very, very raw black metal. Buzzing, pulsating frantic guitar mess, hysterical and cacophonic screaming passes for vocals and a robotic drum machine pounds away without the slightest attempt at passing as human. Second track is even worse and more alien, everything sounds distant, muffled and vocals are some sort of singing/chanting/humming. Brilliant and I'd love to hear the full demo! Brings Ecclesia Satani to mind. Definitely not for everyone but I'm sure certain parties will be delighted.

Everyone, let's get interactive again and vote where next to conquer!
1. France. Get me a '95 vintage from my rehearsal cellar, Jacques! - 0
2. How can you even plan to conquer anything in Europe and not steamroll over Poland? - 4
3. Descend into the land below the sea level and uncover ancient Nederlands cults. - 1½
4. Storm the beaches of the United Kingdom, with recent-ish material. - 0
5. Bring war for change to the American soil, mid-90's blackness is the agenda. - 2
6. Set the jungle ablaze with old Brazilian black/death metal. - 2½
7. Stay in Germania for...? - 0
Ok, voting is done and a winner is Poland, Brazil finishing as second and USA third.

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And I vote for something from Poland.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Ok that's two for Poland, let's see if this keeps up. Dang, it being winter I should've had Russia as an option! :D

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

holland or brasil


GREV kirjoitti...

Naah, gimme some Nigerian blackcore madness from the deepest abyss of hell... :D Seriously I like to heard some US stuff

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I'll put in my vote for brazil!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Haven't listened yet but your description could describe grindcore. I'm guessing NSBM given the band name and cover image. Just conjecture, of course. Thanks in advance to listening to LKS and our illustrious host.

Vote: De Nederlands, hartelijk dank. Because orange is the old black? Sorry.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the votes so far, looks like this atm:
France 0
Poland 2
Holland 1½
UK 0
Brazil 1½
Germany 0

I might've mislead you a bit, it's not really like grind at all. Maybe. Fascinating ruckus certainly.

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Eugene kirjoitti...

Yeah, Poland strong!

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