lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2016

Satyrium - Demo 96

Satyrium - Demo 96
1) La voix du malin
2) Desolation
3) The First Power
4) Les brumes énigmatiques
5) Le rêve des Succubes
6) La mort lente

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Alright it's time for some more old black metal contributions, this one is from France and called Satyrium contributed by an anonymous donor already a while ago. Thanks for the rip! Not really much to see on the full scan I suppose so I'm fine with this teeny weeny lil' one.

Pretty decent sound but nothing remarkable thataways. Nor really with the music either. Very much run-off-the-mill decent but unspectacular black metal no matter how you approach it. Kind of long to boot, over 42 minutes so way more than several albums of the era and to be honest longer than necessary too. Underwhelming. For the curious ones, collectors of French stuff and so forth. Next...

Now that I think about it again, a bigger scan would be nice after all so let me know if you have it.

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