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Nocturnal Evil - Seven Rituals of Hell demo '08

Nocturnal Evil - Seven Rituals of Hell demo #4 2008
1) Prelude (The Sinister Apparition)
2) Black Past
3) Child Sacrifice
4) Necronomicon Exmortes
5) Dark Ascention
6) Necrofetish
7) Entering the Occult Dimention

Yandex / Sampo

The people who know me might be aware of my fondness to complete cycles, patterns and such as much as I can. Which leads us to today's suspiciously modern release (2008! that was practically yesterday!), another demo by the Argentinian bestial Beherit-metal unit Nocturnal Evil. I posted the previous effort here, same source et al. Four years passed between this and the third demo, a surprisingly long time actually. A glance at the covers is already telling even the casual layman observer that not much seems to have changed in that time. Same primitive look, same sort of jaggedy scripting, disarmingly crude artwork. The demo is dedicated to master Conscicide who had followed the freezing moon in August the same year, so it is similarily quasi-topical as the last post where the old Dutch scene was mentioned.

Are we to expect Bestial Summoning-worship then this time? Naaah, not really though one might argue some shades could be seen if you squeeze your eyes tight and believe real hard, with all your heart! It's in similar elder Tireheb-praising way as the demo #3 but with better, or at least louder, sound. All songs are very compact again so the total of Seven Rituals barely crosses the ten minute mark. No cover songs this time, or if there are I've missed them. Oh and Prelude... is an intro, Necronomicon Exmortes sort of interlude (Evil Dead sample as expected) and Entering... the outro. I find myself enjoying the proceedings much better this time around, is it the improvement overall or the old different day, different mood - issue remains to be seen. Similar recommendations as on the entry for the previous demo but a bit more enthusiastically! Do your best, Nocturnal-kun! Everyone, let's support Nocturnal Evil~♥ ...ok not that much enthusiasm. I think I need some sleep.

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