sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2017

Daemon - Trial of Satan demo '91

Daemon - Trial of Satan rehearsal demo 1991
1) Intro: Merciless Night
2) Battle of Pain
3) Hysterical Moment
4) Trial of Satan

Sampo / Mediafire

Inspired by this recent, highly recommended entry of brother Emptiness Cycle at Black Metal Yesteryear I decided to get off my ass, change my planned post yet again and finally upload this rip of another, unfortunately not as good, Daemon I had made already aeons ago. So there, this is the Daemon of Brunei, started in the late 80's as Daredevil and their apparently second recording under this name. Metal Archives entry mentions a compilation of some sort was supposed to be released but looks like that hasn't happened. This is my rip from a dub I got from brother A.S. and I'll warn you right away, the sound is abysmal. No cover so we make do with the image above pilfered from the Archives.

So how dismal a sound could it be? Mucky, lopsided, too quiet (though I upped the volume a bit) and generally opaque rehearsal recording. Perhaps it wouldn't be actually bad with a bit of tampering by someone with suitable knowhow but that is not my role in this play. Or if just ripped from an original tape or first generation dub. If the compilation ever gets released I recommend picking that up, at least it cannot sound worse. Wait, of course it can if done poorly enough. Music is death/black metal in old fashioned vein but I would not really call it primitive. Main influence is cited to be old Deicide but I think this sounds a bit more... melodic? Not really, no... maybe a little heavy metal influenced then, I don't know, ask your local death metal specialists. I like how the tracklisting makes it look like a concept demo, they seem like they were chapters of a story don't you think? Despite the challenging sound I suppose seekers of the exotic artifacts will brave this crypt, others might want to think twice and head to a tavern to look for another side quest.

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Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Grateful thanks for the plug and mention; and more so for this release! I always love when a band comes out from an obscure metal nation - and this isn't terrible!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Plumbing previously uncharted depths of lo-fi audio. Winds up being ambient in a distant-machinery-at-work sort of way. Thanks for the post and the link to the revived Black Metal Yesteryear, which I was unaware was back up and running.

Rhun kirjoitti...

I've always digged simple, slightly doomy old-school death/black metal like this. The production is crap, as you've noted, but if the instruments were brought out a little more and not centered in my right headphone, I wouldn't mind the static much. Thanks for sharing.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


No problem comrade and looks like it worked!


Yeah, it is a deep delve though I still think that one Horna live had worst sound so far! And while you're at BMYY, I should also recommend sister Borderline's new blog Hymn to the Moon which is a labour of love as well as hosting interesting items.


Same, I wish they'd do some sort of re-release with at least little improved sound. The rip I have of the second demo, picked up from MetalArea is awful, tried listening the other day.