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Demise - ...Thrashed!!! demo '96

Demise (grc) - ...Thrashed!!! demo 1996
1) God Forbid
2) You Can Lie (But Cannot Hide)
3) Maneating Warhorse
4) Never Coming Back
5) Demise

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Let's kick this week off with something different from our usual fares. This is the Greek Demise (yeah there are again something like 6000-7000 bands with the same name and most seem to be death metal and I don't think I remember a single one of them), of which I know not much more than M-A and the covers tell. I think this is an earlier version of the '96 "...Thrashed..." tape which featured some songs from the '95 demo III "...Thrashed!!!" - yeah, this has the same name but tracklisting is same as on "...Thrashed..." tape. Confused yet? I am a little. Well, it is recorded in April '96 so that supports my theory. I don't recall where exactly I got this tape, but I'm pretty sure I got it from a trade with a bunch of other tapes not really falling into my field of expertise. Xerox cover which I scanned and a generic 46 min TDK cassette.

Ok so there are five songs here and three of them are re-recordings from the previous demo, while Demise and the amazingly named Maneating Warhorse are new for this version. Total playing time is 21 minutes and the sound is just a little stuffy, not really that good for a studio recording, in my humble opinion. Well, it's the cymbals that aggravate me, they sound sort of frayed, broken and keep distracting me from the rest of content. If I really, really force myself to ignore them it's otherwise fine. I guess. The high end generally seems to be slightly askew. And this whining from a man who generally prefers ancient primitive Teutonic thrash to any sort of technical prowess and polished sound. I can't claim to know much of thrash in general despite it being somewhat mandatory part of growing up in the 80's, like Iron Maiden and Kiss were practically part of elementary school curriculum, I like some of the elders but can't say I'd be qualified to judge entries to the genre properly. Still, this is pretty good, there are parts that remind me of Kreator, older Death Angel and uh... stuff. The aforementioned ....Warhorse has synths that are suitably spicy. Give up already, you're not going anywhere with this. True, so I recommend this if you like Greek metal and thrash in general and I should really acquire the compilation of Macabre Operetta demos, which was the black metal band some of these guys played in.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

The cymbal sound doesn't bother me as much as it seems to trouble our illustrious host. They certainly go for the, let's-see-how-many-different-riffs-we-can-work-into-each-song motif, certainly popular at the time. Overall the effort isn't bad, just not terribly memorable to these ears.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment and it actually bothered me mostly in the beginning and once I managed to get used to it the whole experience became more enjoyable. Though yeah, they could've downsized a little on the riff department of affairs. Quite a contrast to today's post! :D Oh, you have checked out sister Borderline's new blog, haven't you?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

A check of my bookmarks seems to show that no, I haven't investigated the new blog. If you'd spouted the name of it previously I must have missed it.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh, then you should definitely go have a look, it's called Hymns to the Moon and I'm pretty sure I did have the link at some write-up or other, at least Carpathina Forest now that I think more carefully. Anyways, here it is:

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Ah, indeed. You did post the link and I failed (at the time) to bookmark it. Duly bookmarked now, and the exploration begins. At first I thought it was the Dungeon Excavation blog, but there was no reference to Borderline there, so assessed it wasn't that one. Thank you for re-upping the link.

Much thanks for the work you do on Hymns. Looks lovely and I'm looking forward to diving in.