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Deadly Funeral - Deathlike Silence reh.demo '91

Deadly Funeral - Deathlike Silence rehearsal demo 29th June 1991
1) Intro - To Buffalo
2) Satan's Fart
3) Mosh with God
4) Deadly Funeral
5) Deathlike Silence
6) Lasagne
7) Basisti Is Dead


I thought tonight would be a suitable time to post another equally elder item, though far less grim than the previous post. Our... I'll be lenient and call them a "band", I won't, lads hail from Finland and this rehearsal/demo recording from a summer's day of 1991 is their sole release. This is Deadly Funeral, "Kerava's most awesome band after Stone" as they state on their Facebook page. Yes, there is one. Alas, I found out about it only after I had asked brother Suuret Muinaiset to dub this on a tape with some other items, which I should probably post instead but I'm hellbent to share fruits of our labour with you first. You see, it can also be found on YouTube, as a slightly abridged version. Not that this one would be much longer. Cover images (yes, the logo is the cover) from the Fb page.

You can read the saga of Deadly Funeral in here, but unfortunately that's in Finnish. I don't know how much Google translate can manage to do for you so perhaps I should attempt to do a summary in English. Damn, this would be a good time to have a kid to have them do it as a school assignment. Here we go...

The events surrounding the birth, demo and only review of said recording of Deadly Funeral took place in Kerava and Siilinjärvi, Finland anno 1990-92. During the period the band members whom we call here only as Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer were between 15 and 18 years of age. The band was formed by Guitarist with the leading idea the name should end with an 'r' - just like other top names of the era like Slayer, Kreator and Annihilator. No-one could think up a suitable one so the issue was solved with the help of a dictionary where Bassist came across Accumulator, which was instantly picked as it sounded awesome! Nevermind the meaning.

Not a single member could play anything so all instruments were free pickings; as the father of the idea Guitarist chose first, predictably enough, guitar and vocals. Drummer had attempted to learn to drum for roughly a year at the tender age of ten but had quit due total lack of rhythm so his instrument was obvious. Bassist was left with the bass. Naturally they had no instruments either or actual motivation to learn to play them, it was more important to be able to say you played in a band. The band had no message nor anything to say so "lyrics" were on appropriate level, one consisting of the line "I want to eat some lasagne!" - they would naturally be in English because that was the style of the time. Musical style was open as well, simply because they couldn't really play anything. The name for the eventual demo was decided to be "Deadly Funeral" on Drummer's suggestion.

An opportunity arose when the band visited Siilinjärvi and Drummer's associates, a local thrash band called Torment. Torment's guitarist Hate was kindly enough to promise the lads could record their demo at their rehearsal place, using Torment's equipment and a tape recorder. All they needed was a blank tape and inspiration. At first Hate demostrated the various instruments while Accumulator gathered their courage on the sofa. Finally Guitarist and Drummer started to make noise while Bassist sat idly on, flat out refusing to participate. Since this was probably the only chance to record, Guitarist and Drummer decided to go on and make the demo as duo. Hate pressed rec, awful ruckus started and lasted for a few minutes until Hate pressed stop and the demo was done.

Since Bassist had refused to play, having felt too sorry for poor Hate and Torment's gear, he got kicked out and the band's name needed to be changed after such tumultuous event. Lacking better options they decided on the intended demo title. After the return to Kerava finishing touches were needed and the boys had agreed an intro different from the actual content was essential. Guitarist had been in musical class in the (lower) elementary school, as unlikely as it may seem, and had a tape of a school performance from which a rendition of "Buffaloon" (aka "Shuffle off to Buffalo") was dubbed to the beginning of the tape, retitled as "To Buffalo" after which Drummer snarled "vitut me minnekään Buffaloon lähdetä, saatanaaaa" (~"like hell we're going to any Buffalo, fuuuuck") and it was complete. In a few days Guitarist had made a logo, cover and gave titles to the "songs" and the demo itself and the dream was fulfilled.

Guitarist was an avid tape trader and occasionally took the opportunity to dub the Deadly Funeral demo to the end of some unsuspecting soul's tape. [I believe this is how brother SM came to possess a dub.] He also bought fanzines and imagine his surprise when he discovered a review of "Deathlike Silence" within an issue of Hellspawn 'zine! The review said: "I certainly am not a noisefreak but even shit can be done with class. And it can also be done without class as DEADLY FUNERAL proves us. I understand this is a joke but it still gets annoying. I don’t even know why I am writing this." Guitarist immediately rushed to show Drummer the review, basking in the glow of attention. For quite obvious reason the review did not lead to contacts, except one from a small German label who had apparently ignored the content of said review and wrote requesting a copy of the demo. And again the proud guitarist rushed off to show Drummer they had been noticed. In the end they decided agaist sending a tape to Germany, preferring to wait for a bigger label. 25 years later it became apparent there would be no further offers so they though time ripe to put the demo online.

Phew. After whipping that up I don't really feel like writing another novella, so let's get through it quickly... which is pretty easy as the whole epos, even this "uncut version" lasts 4:20 minutes, YT edit 3:22.  Over a third of this is taken by the intro recording which as seen on the bio, is an elementary school performance, almost two minutes. It's kind of haunting thing to have as an intro I must say, would be great for a... uh, sorry, real demo. The following is very enthusiastic bursts of vaguely metal noise, though noise the music style enthusiasts will possibly frown at the use of that word here. Each... song segment runs between 0:11 and 0:40 so it is soon over. I can't honestly suggest anyone to enjoy this though again a few musical deviants will gleefully put it on repeat. The intro would be neat to recycle. Next post will be something different again.

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