tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2009

Belsemar - De svarta gudarnas sömn demo 1993

Belsemar - De svarta gudarnas sömn demo I 1993
De svarta gudarnas sömn
2) Blow Out All Candles
3) Dream Journey
4) Den vise blöder
5) Bleeding Of Despair


Like earlier kind of promised, here is the first Belsemar demo. For more babbling about Belsemar & Satariel, see the other post. This is not my rip, I wish it was but I don't have this tape, yet*. I got this from the Inter Nets and am not 100% sure of who ripped it so thanks, person! This sounds a little more rough and raw than the second demo and I think I might prefer this one out of the two. All instruments are audible, including even the bass (at times at least) and again synths are well used in few places to add to the atmosphere. I think that's enough, you should know without reading if you want this or not.

*If you have this tape, send it to me immediately, you don't need it, who listens to tapes this day and age?

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Sīrius kirjoitti...

I'd like to thank you for sharing. I lost a bidding war for this Belsemar demo just a couple of weeks ago. Good work.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

It's been on sale and I missed the auction? Dammit!
You're welcome, hopefully we'll both come across another copy of it one day.