sunnuntai 6. joulukuuta 2009

Mirkhall - Winter Of Tragedies Reign demo 2000

Mirkhall - Winter Of Tragedies Reign demo 2000
Winter Of Tragedies Reign
2) Stormbreath Of Fear
3) Heathen Hearted
4) Under The Banners Of Eternal Pagan North
5) Cursed Fullmoon Fog


December 6th is the Finnish Independence Day so to celebrate that I decided to post something Finnish, Mirkhall's 2nd demo to be precise. Mirkhall was a pagan, or I guess they prefer heathen, metal project featuring Shatraug of Horna and several other Lappeenranta-based musicians. This is their second demo which I bought quite recently, ripped the other day and uploaded now. Sound is good enough for a demo recording (home studio I'm guessing) and actually adds more to the atmosphere than a polished studio job would. I'm not feeling like writing now so go ahead and download it already.

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Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

Happy birthday, Finland.
And thanks to you for this demo.