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C.O.D. - Burn The Victims demo 1993

C.O.D. (fin) - Burn The Victims demo 1993
Through The Gates
2) Kingdom Of Death
3) Disaster Area
4) The Executioner
5) Inner Self (live)
6) End Has Begun (Live)


First off I apologize for the piece of shit image I had to use here, but seems like the corrupt pic uploaded to M.A. is the only one available on the Inter Nets. I got this demo tape through a tape trading contact who didn't copy me the cover, unfortunately. Anyways, it's what's inside that counts, right? Right... this is the Finnish C.O.D. and they play death metal. You see them called doom death around the web but that'd be really appropriate for the later material. This demo is death metal with touches of thrash, though if you're really determined you can find hints of doom in it I guess. More like thrash and heavy metal influences I say.

The tape is split into studio and live part like you probably could tell by looking at the track listing, the studio tracks have a good demo sound with all instruments audible, if little muffled. It doesn't sound very heavy or morbid, not very death so to say. The two live tracks have a clear enough sound, I don't know if they're older tracks or what, but they sound more brutal. Probably courtesy of the live conditions. It's a tape worth downloading if you are obsessed with old Finnish metal, happen to be an actual fan of the band (though it's different from the later material), compulsively need to hear every 90s demo or whatever else you come up with.

UPDATE: New link as the archive on MF was, once again, corrupted.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Archive is broken...
Please reupload.
Also thank you for great blog.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

It is? Damned Mediafire. I'll reupload this but it might take until sunday when I return from the festival trip.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Ok, now it's been reuploaded to another server and all should be ok.

Thanks for your comment!

Greg Thrasher kirjoitti...

Link is dead again...Velkaarn can you reupload this rarity once again? Thanks in advance; fucking great job on blog!

Greg Thrasher kirjoitti...

Velkaarn can you reulopad this rarity once again? Link is dead now...
Great job on blog!!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Greg Thrasher:

Sorry it took so long, but finally it's been reupped... or at least will be in a minute or two!

Greg Thrasher kirjoitti...

Velkaarn thanks for reupload!!!
Keep doing your job.You know who you are!!!