tiistai 29. joulukuuta 2009

Absent Silence - Demo II 1996

Absent Silence - Demo II 1996
Dismal Silence (Intro)
2) Clouds
3) Whisper From North
4) Lakes Of Mist
5) There Where Wolves Gather
6) Autumn (Outro)


Some of you might have heard "Dawn of a New Mourning" the only album by Finnish dark/black metal band Absent Silence, released on No Colours in the end of the 90s. Most probably haven't. I'm not posting that album here however, this is their 2nd demo from 1996, recorded while they were still a three-piece and with the old vocalist. He might not be the greatest singer around but gets the job done and I like the whispers he sometimes uses. Fiendish Nymph, Black Crucifixion and such come to mind.

The sound is clean, recorded in studio and ripped from an original tape without much wear or tear so it's quite easy on the ears. No Colours called their style "bombastic dark metal" on their flyer and it's not very far fetched even if the demo is a little more down to earth than the album. Try it, it's the last post for 2009 too.

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1+e^(i*pi)=0 kirjoitti...

Welcome. I've added your blog (which is awesome by the way) to my favorite links. If you wish to do the same with mine, here is the link:

Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

Hey Velkaarn, I have a question for you. How do you rip the tapes to the computer? I would like to do the same, specially with vinyl records, but I don't know if I need a special machine or just a particular cable...

My record player is connected to my Hi-Fi system, the tape player is a part of it, and my computer has a regular integrated sound card, I don't know if telling this will help but just in case.

Thanks in advance

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

GDD, I've a cable between a stereo system & computer and record the music played by the stereos with a program called Audacity. They sell vinyl players these days that come with a function for making mp3s.
If you google "rip cassettes to mp3" you should come up with pretty understandable instructions. But basically, what you need in a nutshell is a cable and some software which can be found free on the inter nets. Be sure to get lame pluggy for Audacity so you can the make mp3s

Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

If what I found is right, I already have the needed cable, so I'll download Audacity and try. Thanks for your help mate!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Good if that was helpful and especially if it will make you rip something interesting! ;)