keskiviikko 2. joulukuuta 2009

Forest Of Impaled - Mortis Dei EP 1996

Forest Of Impaled - Mortis Dei cassette EP 1996
Beckoning Midnight Dreams
2) Orgy of Unearthly Delights
3) Mortis Dei
4) Mystic Sight of the Infernal Horde
5) Dark Shades of the Astral World


Once again across the ocean to the States and this time the debut EP of Forest Of Impaled, who play quite fast and wicked hybrid of black and death metal, leaning more on the black side at least here I think. Tape-traded item, but with good sound. My copy was of the Polish cassette EP version, I don't think it differs fundamentally from the CD version. No cover and all the cover images online seem to be from the CD version so I just uploaded the logo.

The music is mostly fast-paced and might remind you of middle-period Marduk, not a carbon copy though and the death metal elements spice things up, as do the occasional synth bits in the background. It's not the melodic Swedish style, more brutal. Good release and makes me want to check out their albums.

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