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Black Orchid - Dark Contemplations... demo 1996

Black Orchid (fra) - Dark Contemplations Of A Mesmerizing Cosmic Kingdom demo 1996
Dark Contemplations Of A Mesmerizing Cosmic Kingdom
2) The Arrival Of The Mighty Forces Of The Nocturnal Empire Of Androdeus


Dark ambient this time, a very little known project by mr. Richard Loudin aka Hingard aka Yoldar aka Soldius of Nydvind/Bran Barr/Nunkthul/Despond/Monolithe/Haceldama and probably few other projects. Busy man. No wonder this one-off (as far as I know) synth project would be lost among such a big discography of metal releases. However, it's not at all bad. My copy is a dub I got from one of my European traders around 1997 I think. No covers and pretty much nothing could be readily found on the net, merely a passing mention connecting this to monsieur Loudin and verifying the release year & label Haceldama Productions. See here somewhere. Copy of the cover would be appreciated!

Two songs only, but they are just as long as their names are, first one breaking ten minutes and the second one topping that by lasting eleven minutes. The tracks features some voices, mostly echoing black metallish ones and some obscure whispers, complemented by spoken bits and sort of growls. The keyboards paint visions of deep space voids and cosmic abysses, haunted by unknown presences. Yeah. Not probably for every reader of the blog, this might bore the more metal oriented. Others might want to give it a try.

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