tiistai 11. toukokuuta 2010

Mouseleum - Lunar Caustic demo 1993

Mouseleum (tur) - Lunar Caustic demo 1993
Shadows of Revenge
2) The Meaning of Life Changes
3) Bleeding Screams
4) Infernal Revolution


Another death metal demo I got from my Turkish trader comrade, this is the debut demo of the Istanbul based band Mouseleum. Released in limited quantity and very little known outside Turkey, this demo can also be listened to on the Death Symposium (the guys' new band) MySpace. So why am I posting it here? Well, I had already ripped it when I found out about the MySpace page and because I personally hate to listen to things online and believe many agree with my sentiment, I decided to go and upload it anyways. No covers and no cover art on the inter nets found so I decorated the post with a (tiny) band picture from 1993.

The demo contains 4 tracks and about 20 minutes of death metal, old school way. It sounds cavernous and occasionally little chaotic but this works for it. The rip is pretty good as is the sound. Death metal maniacs should give it a try.

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