maanantai 3. toukokuuta 2010

Landscape - Drama demo 1995

Landscape (swe) - Drama demo III 1995
2) Dramatic
3) The Tribute


For once I'm posting all I've from a band quickly: here is the third and last (well actually first on the tape he dubbed me) demo I was recorded back in the day. I like this one a little bit better than the middle demo "Grey Empire..." but not as much as the debut one. Well, to be honest, the first track is better and the rest about same level as the 2nd demo was. If you downloaded and enjoyed the previous two demos, chances are you'll want this one too. I promise I'll upload some metal next in case you wondered if I've become utterly lost.

UPDATE: Seems like the first sentence is false as I found the fourth (?) demo from 1996 a trader had dubbed me so this was not all. I'll be ripping & posting that one eventually.

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