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Lord Of Pagathorn - Rehearsal/demo 1993

Lord Of Pagathorn - Rehearsal/demo 1993
Untitled I
2) Untitled II
3) Untitled III
4) Untitled IV
5) Untitled V
6) Untitled VI


This one I've had ripped for quite a while, but I have been reluctant to post it as I'm not 100% certain of it. However I decided to quit worrying and upload it - maybe someone among you can verify this for me?

The item that causes me all this worry is the rehearsal/demo 1993 by Lord Of Pagathorn. I don't remember anyone ever mentioning this recording, but I received it back in the day from one of my more reliable trader contacts, who had loads of uncommon and rare Finnish metal recordings - I wish I had traded longer with him - and I am inclined to believe him. There are six quite short (average song length would be a tick over 3 mins) tracks, straight ahead and fast black metal. Very good rehearsal sound. I didn't receive a tracklisting and they probably were unnamed anyways so I'm just calling them Untitled I - VI. It's an enjoyable rehearsal recording, L.O.P. or not. Recommended.

So, if someone recognizes this as some other band and has proof to the claim, leave me a note (with a link to what it's supposed to be). Otherwise, enjoy this early & obscure piece of Finnish black metal.

UPDATE: I've forgotten to write that yeah, this is Lord of Pagathorn. Better late than never. Switched the old logo to decorate the post too.

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Anonymous kirjoitti...

I don't recognize any of the songs and pretty much any but one riff, but for sure the sound is 100% familiar. Guitar, drums and vocals sounds exactly like LOP reh material.

I am wondering if it can be recorded in 1993, because The Chaos Spirit Among Us was much more melodical and later reh tapes where even more melodical. I guess "Chaos..." demo was recorded in Feb/March 1993 or something like that. I would guess this tape is late 1992 or really early 1993.

anonymous kirjoitti...

Sorry, yeah, it is 1993 since "Chaos..." was 1994.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yup, this is earlier and rougher. Looking forward to hearing the new LOP demo.

You mention later LOP rehearsal material? I'd be very interested to hear that!

Rhun kirjoitti...

The Depositfiles link is dead now. Can you re-upload this please, Velkaarn?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Extremely slow reply but I've now reupped it. Would still love to find the rehearsal material discussed with someone above.