tiistai 4. toukokuuta 2010

Thromdarr - Silverthrone demo 1995

Thromdarr - Silverthrone demo 1995
Dawn In The Shadows
2) As One With The Ice
3) Silverthrone


As promised, metal this time. Finnish black/dark/death metal band Thromdarr is not very well known, despite releasing an early demo "As A Wind Cries" in 1992. Their next better known release for most is the so far only album "North Storm Arrives" from 2000 on Solistitium Records. In the 8 years between, however, they did record and release (apparently in very limited numbers or only to select people) a number of demos and this one from 1995 would be one of them. My copy was dubbed to me by one of my Finnish traders, not sure if he had an original.

The music is mainly black metal, in the 90's Finnish way, with influences from other music styles like death and heavy metal present. The main vocal is medium growly though he does other tricks too like spoken parts (not awful), cool shrieks et cetera. Two longer tracks and a very short title track for almost 15 minutes. Good and clear demo sound and a decent rip even if the tape had some wear & tear, audible occasionally but not drastic. Give it a try if you liked Thromdarr's album/old demo, enjoy Finnish 90's demos and so on and on.

UPDATE: Mika found & scanned the covers for me! Uploading them to Mediafire and a cut version to decorate the post.

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Heathcliff kirjoitti...

Does you find the second demo of Propechy (FRA)... "Jadis"?

Thanks in advance... be careful and see later...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I haven't found it. I'm starting to think I forgot to copy it (and some other files) from old computer's hard drive, so I guess it's lost unless the rip still exists in internets.