keskiviikko 2. kesäkuuta 2010

Charon - Dies Irae demo 1995

Charon (fin) - Dies Irae demo 1995
2) Tempestars
3) Nocturne
4) Omega Vortex


Some of you who follow the more mainstream music media might know the Finns Charon, who play gothic metal of the girly sort, similar to Entwine and heavier than HIM. Well, not on this demo, here they still play death metal of melodic and technical sort. I haven't heard their other demos, just have this one I ordered in late 1995, but they should be quite similar in style.

As mentioned above all four tracks are in melodic yet technical vein of death metal and I guess their later development can be seen as a more or less logical continuation from this material. Ripped from the original tape so the sound is quite good, they recorded it in a studio. Not really my favourite type of music but I thought someone might enjoy it.

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