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Damnation (usa) - Volume II demo 1992

Damnation (us) - Volume II Demo 1992
2) When Nightmares Consume


Death metal again, this time the 1992 tape by Canadian Damnation, called a demo on Metal Archives and a promo by my source. I'm siding with my source here and call it a promo too. Notable that the Damnation MySpace makes no reference to this release at all, either as demo or promo. I have no cover scan so no proof from that, but neither did the M.A. contributor upload one. So it might be that this was again different Damnation after all. It was:
UPDATE: I was informed that this is (one of the) USA's Damnation, NOT Canadian. Well, that explains a lot. Image above updated and demo reuploaded with corrected tags. Sorry about that original misinformation!
I have to say I was quite dissappointed when I received this dub back whenever it was (1996?) - not that it would be particularily bad, but I was led to believe this would be a recording by the Swedish Damnation which I was very fond of (and still am). Back then you couldn't check everything on the internet so mistakes were more likely to happen.

I suppose I should say a little more about this recording's contents than it's death metal, but to be honest there's not whole lot to say - well, the sound is ok as is the music. It's just death metal from 1992 and that's really all I have to say about that. Not bad, nor great. But death metal freaks and old demo enthusiasts will still want to check this out.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hehe I know this band but they are from USA not Canada. See here:

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Curses! I must fix this, thanks for letting me know anonymous!!!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

No problem. Glad to help you. Thanx for all the demos, a lot of work, great blog you have.

Greetings from MarK.