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Morningstar - Inside the Circle of Pentagram demo 1993

Morningstar - Inside the Circle of Pentagram demo II 1993
Intro (Ultima Thule)
2) Under the Unholy Ground I Laugh
3) Vampire
4) Goddess of Witchcraft
5) Power in My Pagan Heart
6) Eternal Darkness
7) Before the Dawn (Old Song)
8) Outro (Sad, Nocturnal Longing)


And here is finally the second demo by Morningstar. I should have posted this ages ago but my otherwise very good dub of it was missing the outro and I was unable to find it anywhere in the net. So I finally decided to buy a copy of the damn cassette from eBay to get the outro. I was surprised to discover the copy I got was not as good as my dub, the tape (or dubbing) gets dodgy on the intro for quite a bit so I decided to use the rip of my old tape till the missing part which I then took from the eBay tape. So there, finally a complete piece with decent quality, cover scan enclosed.

Musically this is like all old Morningstar old schoolish black metal and I enjoy it very much. The sound is very clear like on the previous demo and everything is very audible. The stuff about the Pakana distro LP applies here as well. Enough writing, grab this essential demo already.

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Xexanoth kirjoitti...

Thanks for this! Excellent demo, loved it. Also liked "As The Wolves Howl" CD 1995, which was also great!
Rivendell aswell!

Do you own the bootleg called Alcoholive 1993?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome, I like it very much myself too! Alcoholive, yeah, see here:

Sade_Gras kirjoitti...


can you tell me the diference from the cover art that you post for the "inside the circle.." and other one with a pic of Sinister Satyr playng guitar ? do you know if this last one is a bootleg our its just another version ?, can´t find this info anywhere.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm I've never seen the version you mention, only this one - I'm guessing that could be a bootleg version. Still, the promo 1994 had two different covers... are there other differences than it having S.Satyr's pic instead of the drawing? Do you have a picture of it?

Sade_Gras kirjoitti...


yes a got a picture, send-me a e-mail to, and i foward the pic for you.

thanks mate

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok, sending a mail to you in a sec!