torstai 3. kesäkuuta 2010

Svartsyn - Rehearsal 1997

Svartsyn (swe) - Rehearsal 1997
The Bloodbank to the Prince of Darkness
2) The Great Mysteries of Death


Back to black metal and a little better known band this time, Svartsyn might be familiar name to fans of Svensk svart metal having been around since the early 90's and have featured personnel from Unpure & Malign in their line-up. First known as Chalice they released two tapes in 1993 before changing name to Svartsyn which I think was a good decision as that name was much more original (even though the Norwegians Incitatus also switched to the same monicker in 1995, our Swedes here were first) - most one-word band names in English tend to be used by a bazillion other bands/artists which is annoying. But I'm rapidly starting to drift off here so let's focus on this tape again, shall we?

Only two songs presented on this rehearsal tape and of these, "Great Mysteries..." was already on their demo "A Night Created by Shadows" although this obviously sounds different. I got this from a trader friend of mine who acquired it from who knows where, maybe even the band itself, him being Swedish and all. Not that I'd think all the Swedes in the black metal scene knew each other even back then. Pretty good rehearsal sound and the dub isn't bad, some minor faults are present. Of course it is still a 90's black metal rehearsal tape so primitive, crude and raw describe the content well. You know if you want to try this or not.

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Can you re-upload that one, please?

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Ok, it is done.

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Great, thanks a lot!