keskiviikko 9. kesäkuuta 2010

Morningstar - Obscure Aurora Above Us demo 1992

Morningstar - Obscure Aurora Above Us demo I 1992
Ancient Crypt
2) Throne of Doom
3) Twilight of the Paradise
4) The Truth


Here is the first demo of Morningstar, a band you should be familiar by now if you've read this blog for any longer time. I know this one can be found on various places already, but this is a different rip and at 320 kbps for those who care about such things. Old Morningstar material is still very black metallish in an old school way and the demos obviously are in this vein.

Morningstar mainman Honkonen dubbed this to me with various other things but unfortunately didn't include a cover. The sound & rip are both very good in my opinion, the instruments are very audible and clear and there isn't much tape failure on this one either, minor wear only. Like mentioned on the rehearsal 1991 post, this material was re-released on LP by Pakana distro so you'll want to grab that one if you happen to find it somewhere. Recommended for all metalheads, demo collectors and Morningstar fans.

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