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Moonspell - Live in Charneca do Lumiar 06.11.1993

Moonspell - Live in Charneca do Lumiar, Lisboa Portugal 06.11.1993
2) Goat on Fire
3) Wolves from the Fog
4) Ancient Winter Goddess
Opus Diabolicum
6) Imperium Lusitanum
7) Tenebrarum Oratorium II / Drum solo
8) Tenebrarum Oratorium I
9) Serpent Angel
10) Hymn to Lucifer / Grand Final


What a surprise, I'm posting another Moonspell live bootleg! Well this one is different being a show from 1993 which means it features all the demo songs (including "Serpent Angel" from their Morbid God-days) and early versions of tracks that appear on their MCD "Under the Moonspell" released in 1994. The versions played here naturally differ from the MCD versions and "Tenebrarum Oratorium"(-s) lyrics appear to have been expanded/re-written. Fernando's vocals are naturally not quite as refined as later. There are also several screw ups every now and then but the enthusiasm and energy makes up for a few mistakes, agree? The sound is actually good, much better than I remembered. I received this dub from one of my tape traders long ago, my first Moonspell live recording actually. Ok, not much more to add, recommended download not only for Moonspell fans but also to anyone interested in old "southern" black metal.

Actually, I'd be pleased to receive confirmation of the venue, so if you know anything feel free to share.

EDIT: Received information on the venue from the person who videotaped the show back then, this was also the first Moonspell performance! Thanks for the infos! Venue info corrected on the current upload.

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Without kirjoitti...

I'm the author of the video recording of this show, the first the show of MoonSpell.
It's not Charneco, but Charneca.This place is in Lisboa.
take care. \m/ \m/

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hello Without,

thanks a ton for your comment and info on the venue! So this is the first Moonspell performance then? Good to know! I'd love the see the recording some day, my traders might have actually had it but I didn't trade much videos then. Thanks again!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

One more thing, it's 6th November 1993, right?