perjantai 16. heinäkuuta 2010

Celestial Dark - Slowly Flying in the Dark demo 1995

Celestial Dark - Slowly Flying in the Dark demo 1995
2) Slowly Flying in the Dark
3) Agony and Pain


Today's post is another demo I've ripped already a while ago, but hesitated to upload; you see this demo by the Portuguese dark death/doom metallers Celestial Dark had quite a fair share of hissing which I tried to clean with debatable results. After a period of deliberating (and fixing the incorrect title of the 3rd track) I decided to upload and post the uncleaned version instead as a little bit of tape hiss just adds up to the demo atmosphere, right? But you probably aren't very interested in all that.

To the music, this demo which I got from a Portuguese trader contact in the 90s contains an intro and two quite long songs of dramatic, doomy dark metal with touches of gothic and black metal. More gothic than black metal. I heard the "Agony and Pain" track on a compilation CD which contained black and dark metal bands from Portugal originally and tracked down this demo. I was a little dissappointed with it containing only one song and an intro more. Nowadays I'm not as much excited of the demo as I was back then, but it's still ok stuff. I'm interested in hearing their "Perpetual Tears" demo so let me know if you have it or got a link to it. That is all.

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