perjantai 9. heinäkuuta 2010

Shadows Toward My Sky - Nightwaves demo 1997

Shadows Toward My Sky - Nightwaves demo 1997
2) Winds for My Inner Eyes
3) Opus to Ravennights
4) Immortal Clouds
5) Nightwaves (For Archangels and Firestorms)
6) Outro


Lenghty pause in posting, I've been busy with festivals and drinking and work and shit. Well, now I'm back and here's some melodic German black metal from 1997. Ripped from an original tape I purchased with a bunch of others and I have to say I'm not too wild about this. There are some good points, but mostly it's not really my shot of vodka. Very "1997" melodic/symphonic sort of blackened metal offered here, taking cues from all across the field, from COF to their more UG countrymates. Good sound though, has rawness but is clear. I'm not bothering with a sales pitch, I think you're better off trying it yourself.

Oh yeah, the outro is not listed on the cover but I decided to have it as a separate track anyways. If you disagree with this choice, pester me and I'll upload 5 & 6 as a single track for you.

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