sunnuntai 25. heinäkuuta 2010

Skadi's Evernight - Hellwards unreleased demo 1995

Skadi's Evernight - Hellwards unreleased demo 1995
In the Search of Inheritance
2) Northern Huntress
3) Abraxas Rising


And here's the last offering from Grev's tape, the unreleased 1995 demo of Skadi's Evernight and as far as I know their final recordings too. Three songs of underground Finnish black metal, two familiar from the rehearsal tape 1994, but here in more refined versions. Don't get me wrong, it's still raw and pretty necro but more controlled.

Unfortunately the dub quality was not as high as on the rehearsals Grev got directly from the band, this being a tape traded item. Most annoying thing is how the left side loses volume about two thirds into "In the Search..." though it evens out slightly. Considering that this is an unreleased demo I'm not sure if this is due someone in the tape trading chain fumbling or an issue with the recording itself. But by the time the track changes you're able to ignore it. I personally enjoy the sound (!) of the rehearsal tape more and though this isn't able to bring similar feeling of possession as the older recordings do, it is still a must for anyone into Finnish ug black metal. Recommended and be sure to grab the rehearsal and Utuk Xul material too!

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