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Utuk Xul - Scream for War demo 1993

Utuk Xul (fin) - Scream for War demo 1993
The Ordi Vuohum
2) Venom of the Godz
3) Daughter of Sin
4) Whereby He Might Do Battle


Time to post some good old Finnish black metal again, this (only) demo of Utuk Xul from 1993 seems to be pretty uncommon item and I'm quite sure the band's name really rings bells only to people who read Finnish zines in the early 90's. The band's self-proclaimed "Cult Fascism Metal" got them certain amount of notoriety and they changed name to Skadi's Evernight around 1994 (I think) but I don't know if they ever released or even recorded anything under that monicker. Or was it so that Utuk Xul split up and some members formed Skadi's Evernight? Well, whatever the case was, I'm extremely interested in any and all recordings (like rehearsal tapes) from either group. One or two of the members played in Azazel for a short time as well.

Four songs of quite rough and grim black metal with an early 90's demo sound, ripped from a dub I got from a Finnish trader comrade circa 1994/1995 that had a few imperfections and quite a bit of hissing, nothing too major though. I didn't have a cover for this, but Metal Archives had a decent image (for change) so it's used. The songs pound away at steady pace but there is enough variation to distinguish them from each other and spices like bits of synth and different vocals thrown in. "Daughter of Sin" has a neat intro to it. I'm sure there are dozens of more original, better played, produced, composed and dubbed demos around but I like this. There is a certain mysterious, primitive charm to it. I recommend you to download it if you enjoy underground Finnish black metal.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...


I have some UX & SE stuff..

Utuk Xul - "Whereby He Might Do Battle" Rehearsal Tk.

Skadi's Evernight - Rehearsal Tape, September 1994

Skadi's Evernight - Hellwards [Unreleased Demo 1995]

Drop me a line, if intrest.

Salutem, Grev

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Excellent, I've sent you a mail!

Goat Vomit kirjoitti...

what the difference between clean and unclean?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Goat Vomit: Like it says on the 2nd paragraph, I tried cleaning some of the tape hissing away but wasn't 100% happy with the result - it damages the high end sounds like cymbals a little and that can be annoying at times.

So if you don't mind a little hiss on the background the unclean version is better.