perjantai 23. heinäkuuta 2010

Utuk Xul - Rehearsal Track 1993

Utuk Xul (fin) - Rehearsal Track 1993
Whereby He Might Do Battle


Recently comrade Grev posted a comment on the Utuk Xul demo letting me know he had material from U.X. and Skadi's Evernight. To my great delight he also promptly dubbed & sent me a tape with the stuff and this post here is the first item from it, a rehearsal recording of "Whereby He Might Do Battle" recorded before the "Scream for War" demo and given to Grev by Deabolikal. So big thanks to Grev for this!

Sound is rough but very good for a rehearsal recording and the rip quality is good as well. The version here is rougher and more straight forward than the demo version and the vocal is more of a death grunt. Should be an interesting listen to black metal maniacs!

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Thanks again, Grev!