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Skadi's Evernight - Rehearsal I 1994

Skadi's Evernight - Rehearsal Tape I September 1994
Abraxas Rising
2) In the Search of Inheritance
3) The Elemental of War Animated
4) Valkyr's Kiss (Instrumental)


Here is the second item from the tape sent to me by Grev, the first rehearsal tape by Skadi's Evernight, ex Utuk Xul. It was recorded while they were still called Utuk Xul, but as they changed the name shortly afterwards this is considered to be the first S.E. release. Grev had received this recording directly from the band, so the quality of the dub is good, with only minor wear of the tape caused by age.

Two of the four tracks presented here also appear on the unreleased "Hellwards" demo, but these versions are obviously rawer. The sound is very good for a rehearsal tape, raw but clearly audible. In many ways I found myself preferring the sound here to that of "Hellwards" even if some of the material appears to be missing the finishing touches (especially "In the Search..." which seems to be a work in progress as evident by the end). The vocals are particularly worth noting, they get quite insane on "In the Search of Inheritance" (not sure if all the lyrics were completed when they recorded this) and even more demented and unhinged on "The Elemental of War Animated" but only in a good sense. Essential hearing to all raw black metal enthusiasts, Finnish black metal lovers, underground collectors and other madmen! Recommended, thanks Grev!

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Hail Velkaarn!

You're welcome! Sounds great rip that you have made!

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Thanks, it was a good dub, very nice to work with.

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please reup this too!

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