torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011

Inferus Vobiscum - In the Shadow of the Winter Trees demo 1994

Inferus Vobiscum - In the Shadow of the Winter Trees demo I 1994
2) Holocaust Storms
3) Thy Throne of Ice
4) Lord of Rising Snow
5) Funeral Path


German black metal, one of the demos I got from J. Unfortunately he didn't have a cover so the poor quality image from the M.A. entry is enclosed in the download and even crappier edit is seen above. Sorry. As usual, better version of the cover is wanted. This was, as far as I've gathered, basically a one-man effort with session members... or two-man as I'm not sure deciphering the cover pic if it's Nocturnal on Dark Voice of Blasphemy and Deathcrush-guitar OR Nocturnal on Dark Voice & Deathcrush on guitar. Feel free to enlighten me if you know better.

Ok to music, this is a brief and stormy experience in 11+ mins. Things are started off with a very familiar intro ("Ave Satani" as heard in intro use for about the bazillionth time) but the music that followed caught me slightly off guard - it's brutal, fast black metal with rumbly, obscure rehearsal-quality sound with very prominent bass guitar sound (for change). The sound gets very murky at times and the tolling bells effect used in the middle of "Thy Throne of Ice" creates a hilarious contrast as it sounds suddenly crystal clear with no hint of the black metal and then it cuts back to the muddled blasting. The overall effect is more barbaric and bestial than raw and cold most of the time and the vocalist does use some death grunts in addition to his usual shrieking. I'm getting an impression this would be somewhere between Archgoat and Morke demos in the sound, so not recommended for the feint of heart (or ear). German underground demo maniacs will grab it happily as will others into obscure brutality. I'm curious to hear the second demo so let me know if you have it!

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