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Thor's Hammer - Rehearsal 2001

Thor's Hammer (pol) - "Studio" Rehearsal 2001 for "The Fate Worse Than Death"
The Fate Worse Than Death
2) When the Towers Fall
3) Fuck Off And Die
4) Grand Isolation
5) Endless War
6) Young Blood


Another item I received as a contribution, thanks to the person and I'm sorry I'm posting this so late. Thor's Hammer is another notorious, non-PC Polish cult band. We had slight problems at first identifying this tape correctly as my contributor had gotten this on the same tape with the Selbstmord rehearsal posted elsewhere and it did not contain a tracklisting - actually it didn't even mention that one side had Selbstmord and the other Thor's Hammer.

This time I've figured out the tracklisting all by myself. Which was not really that hard as this contains the whole "The Fate Worse Than Death" album minus the outro contributed by Darken and in different order. And these are again instrumental versions (they do feature synths in case you wondered) so you've been warned. This has a good rehearsal sound. The rip was quite low on volume when I got it so I upped it a little bit but there's not much else I could do to it, so it's not squicky clean sounding. However, much that was said of the Veles & Selbstmord rehearsals and their sound applies here. The material is very good and I find myself enjoying the instrumental versions quite a bit. I think you know by now if you want to download this or not.

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