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Belphegor (us) - Blasphemous Prayers demo 1993

Belphegor (us) - Blasphemous Prayers demo 1993
Blessed By the Lord of Goat Excrement
2) Annoint in Jehovah Blood

Mediafire / Megaupload

Ok this one is kind of cheating. But on the other hand, so must have those poor sods felt who had ordered this demo with it's nearly three minutes of music. Well, depends how fond of you're of the genre I suppose, and how much the band asked for this demo not to mention the possibility it could've been dubbed on a 60 or 90 min tape. So how am I cheating here? I don't have this demo myself but I have a compilation tape which featured the whole (almost) three minutes of it. Even if the compilation maker only listed on of the tracks. Well, I'll get back to that once I post the tape. Cover seen above borrowed from Metal Archives.

This is music not really for me. Full speed ahead, noisy and brutal mixture of black metal and grindcore. More of the latter than the first one. The sound is pretty bad but that's partly thanks to the guy who dubbed the compilation. I like brutal shit like Blasphemy and so on but this isn't my gasmask filled with vomit at all. Check it out if you've three minutes to spare (well make it more since you need to download and extract it, maybe even over five minutes), or are a lunatic frothing from the mouth fanatic totally committed to this sort of stuff.

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