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Thromdarr - Pro-Mortal demo 2001

Thromdarr - Pro-Mortal demo 2001
2) Burn for the Eternity
3) An Old Oak Tree

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Another lapse to the post-millennium side but don't worry, this won't become a habit. Here's the last of the Thromdarr demos Mika sent me, recorded & released after the their debut "NorthStorm Arrives" was finally put out by Solistitium in 2000. There's no cover art for this demo.

The debut album had been recorded already in 1998 so there was a three year silence between these recordings and the inevitable line-up changes. This demo would see Thromdarr's sound evolve towards what it is still today, as they describe themselves: melodic & powerful old school metal with 80's heavy metal and black/death nuances. This description is pretty accurate and the demo has a clear and powerful sound, for change, which serves this kind of metal very well. Vocals are a bit low in the mix, but this works as they now take a role similar to instrument rather than dominating the proceedings. All three songs are memorable in their own way, my personal favourite being the second track which was also re-recorded for the upcoming second album. It is catchy and quite simple, moderately fast-paced track which brings various older Thromdarr tracks to mind. The first song "Hornblower" displays stronger heavy metal influences and certain epic nature despite being a relatively fast paced song and the closing track is also the longest, has the slowest pace and the dubious honour of being the weakest link for yours truly. It's still pretty good, mind you. Recommended listening for fans of Thromdarr's other material, people into melodic black/death/thrash/heavy metal and collectors of Suomi demos.

The upcoming album "Electric Hellfire" can be preordered from Levykauppa Äx & Firebox. The release date is 6th April.

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