sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

The Fallen - Rebirth of the Ancients demo 1993

The Fallen - Rebirth of the Ancients demo 1993
Disciple of Fire
2) Zahgurim
3) Blackmetal Holocaust
4) I Burn
5) Sombre Tolling of Funeral Bells


Another repost, you may remember how I uploaded the traded version I had here? Well, I was contacted by Arcturo who was a member of the band back in the ages long gone who informed me that the recording played at wrong speed and promised to deliver me a proper speed copy of the tape. After a bit he did so, dubbed from his copy of the tape and sent with the covers (which I scanned and included in the folder here). I should have posted it already long ago, sorry for anyone who might've been waiting and thanks again to Arcturo for sending me the tape & cover!

So much of what was written on the earlier post still applies, it's still the same sort of more old fashioned black metal, there's no longer the annoying flaw on the first track and it plays at the speed it was meant to (a little slower than the dub I had). This dub and so also rip is not without its own minor faults though, there's a bit of extra noise carried over to the tape which is most notable during the quiet bits. Can't be helped and it's not that bad. Recommended demo of early ukbm!

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