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Curse (US) - Blood Rites and Ancient Arts demo 1995

Curse (us) - Blood Rites and Ancient Arts demo 1995
A Blackened Plane of Existence
2) The Summoning
3) Mystical Powers of the Night
4) Call of the Demon Wolves
5) Fuck the Whore
6) Blood Rites and Ancient Arts


[rant]I hate it when there are several bands with the same name. Especially nowadays, the artists of pre-internet times are more easily forgiven but today's punks have no excuses with everyone connected to the net almost 24/7 and with databases like Metal Archives around. It's bad enough with metal bands but then every now and then some assclowns decide to pick up a hip band name, ignoring it's used and associated with a long-standing metal band, like happened with Root (cze). Oh it makes me mad![/rant] But back to the tracks, sometimes I get curious about the other bands sharing a monicker and try to listen to them, even if I personally think one of them to be the "true" one, and this is the case with Curse as well. I'm biased to favour the Finnish one though I enjoy the Swedish death metal band too. This one at hand is the USBM user of the name, long gone now and shrouded in obscurity. Well, you can't find a picture of them or the demo cover on the 'net so that's obscure enough for nowadays standards. Dubbed by Grev who got it from a trader back who knows when. Thanks, bro!

The rip came out well, there is very little hissing and tape wear to be heard and the demo itself has a decent sound, recorded in a studio I'd say. Of course it sounds like a demo but could well pass for a low-budget "official release" too. Music is vicious USBM with a few, tiny touches of death metal sprinkled in. Some of the tracks have almost a militant feel to them which gives character to the otherwise rather generic content. Not bad at all, try it for yourself.

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