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Susscrofa - Dins Ech Cel D'astertia demo 1994

Susscrofa - Dins Ech Cel D'astertia demo 1994
1) Intro
2) Dins Ech Cel D'astertia
3) Senher Akerbeltz
4) Intro II
5) Pagan, Sacrum Facere
6) Ode A Pyrene
7) Isturitz, Darrie Cant De La Flauto Fadarelo


Pagan metal today and another item which is not my rip; this one I found in the internet, don't remember where it was but the person had the whole thing as a single track so I separated it into what you see above. Correction: I think it was this. Note that the cover (quite poor Metal Archives image) does not list any separate intros, I decided to separate them as they didn't blend into the tracks directly. If you don't like that decision, too bad. Note that the band name is Susscrofa as single word, NOT Sus Scrofa as some sources say. There is another band who use that spelling.

I don't know if the person who originally ripped this (Okkultis?)had an original tape at hand or not, but the rip sounds ok. The demo sound itself isn't that great but it's sufficient and everything can be heard clearly enough. There are not glitches and errors either so good result. Music itself is pagan black metal, melodic but not overtly so and with some folk touches which are mostly subtle. One of the tracks, Ode a Pyrene is sung by the band members a cappella, others use mostly the ferocious snarl of the vocalist. A great demo, pity they did not make more music. Well, some of the members apparently went on to form Stille Volk but I'd have preferred they continued this. Recommended.

UPDATE: Looks like they've decided to carry on after a 20 year break. I was informed four new tracks were recorded last year and this was uploaded recently. Have they changed the spelling as well?

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Iggnsthe kirjoitti...

Any chance you could re-upload this? Thanks!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Will do, give me a moment.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

SUS SCROFA is reformed since end of 2014
Four new songs were recorded during winter 2014.
A new title track was revealed on youtube this week end.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the update, will add this to the main post!