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Funerary Bell - Unreleased Track 2009

Funerary Bell - Unreleased Track 2009
Eleanor's Garden


Here's a seldom seen thing; something from the 00's on this blog. I mentioned in the previous Funerary Bell post I might upload more stuff from them and this (so far) unreleased track from 2009 is just the thing. This is Invoker Of The Shadows (aka Profundiis) performing solo, so far this track hasn't been played with the full band.

The track sounds musically like something off a Varathron recording and soundwise there's no complaining, it has a good demo sound to it. The main vocal is a deeper growly scream, reminiscent of Varathron again. A worthwhile listen if you enjoy FB and/or Greek style black metal. Don't forget to check out the full-lenght album "The Coven" released by Undercover Records.

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You think you're tough, friend? The Liar's a whooooole lot stronger than you... and he's gotta whole lotta repulsive demons to torture you for eternity in a cell with no room to breathe. Howja like that forever? Better turn around and head back Upstairs toward the One Who Loves you... or I fear for your soul. God bless you.

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Well, of course He is. Poor me. What can I add here?

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Please reup this one.

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Sure, done now.